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Utah Baseball falls to Tulane to end season, 4-1

Utah baseball's run through the post season came to an end on Sunday, as Tulane up ended the Utes 4-1. Utah's worst-to-first season is one for the books, and something that both the team and fans should be very proud of. It was just a couple of seasons ago, or even a season ago, where Utah was getting steamrolled, and was totally out matched. That frustration paid off this season, as the Utes won the Pac-12 Championship, the first for any men's program. The team still has to have a little bit of "what if" thinking, however. What if they would have finished strong against BC? They were in control of that game, and the 7th inning did them in.

With hopes to bounce back on Sunday, Utah just couldn't get the offense going. Inning after inning the Utes would be retired in order, or they would only manager to get a man on base here or there, but nothing that resembled any kind of offensive rally. Utah held Tulane in check, by-in-large, but the damage was really done in the 4th inning as Jeremy Montalbano knocked a 2 run homerun out of the park. That would have been enough, but a couple of batters later Hunter Hope knocked out a homer of his own.

In previous games, Utah has been able to mount comebacks, but it seems the gas tank was on empty, and that's nothing to be ashamed of for this program and manager Bill Kinneberg. They weren't predicted to do anything by anybody, but now they have a championship under their belt, and some confidence going into future seasons. Helluva season Utes.

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