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Utah WR Kenric Young Cited for Assault

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to Josh Furlong of KSL, University of Utah junior wide receiver Kenric Young has been cited with assault, stemming from an altercation at a pool party on Saturday. In the KSL article, there is raw cellphone footage of the pool party. From what it sounds like, Young was asked by a neighbor to pull up his pants, to which he responded with foul language and "threw his beer in my neighbor's face," and alleged punched someone in the face according to KSL. Police were called and issued a citation to Young and a woman for disorderly conduct. The unnamed witness also indicated that Young was not the only University of Utah athlete present at the pool party but did not name names of anyone else.

Per Furlong, Utah football head coach Kyle Whittingham said the following:

"When we learned of the accusations against Kenric Young we contacted University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy and asked if he could obtain more information from the North Salt Lake police on what happened," Whittingham said. "We will cooperate fully with any police investigation and once we learn the facts, we will take any appropriate disciplinary measures."

This is still a developing story, and we will keep you updated on details as they emerge. Please remember to not rush to judgement and wait until all of the facts are in.