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Podcast: Utah Football Fall Camp Conversation!

Alex Stark

We are just over a week through Camp Kyle and fall camp for 2016, and things are looking good for the latest version of the Utah football team. Utah’s defense is looking as good as usual (maybe better), and it seems that Utah’s offense is taking some steps forward.

Alex and I get together and we chat about fall camp up to now. We touch on each position group on offense, and we handicap the races that everyone is talking about, including the QB race. We agree on who is the likely starter, and it’s not that big of a secret. We also discuss the improvement of the wide receivers and what a difference Guy Holliday has made for the group.

We also touch on the new linebackers, and how that battle is shaping up. The backers have some big shoes to fill with Gionni Paul and Jared Norris moving on.

It’s exciting to talk football again!

Click the link below to listen to the newest podcast.

(We have an issue with our iTunes/Stitcher feed right now, so stay tuned).