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Troy Williams On Top of QB Depth Chart

Fall Camp Scrimmage Daniel Spight

In possibly the least shocking news thus far this fall, in Utah’s newest fall camp depth chart, junior college transfer quarterback Troy Williams was listed at the top of the QB depth chart, with Brandon Cox and Tyler Huntley battling for the next spot.

In the spring, Coach Whittingham said that Williams was starting to pull away before he was injured, and it appears that is the case now in the fall. Coach Whitt has said he’s been the most consistent from day-to-day, and that’s what you really want to see from a QB, consistency. Williams has also shown the ability to make some big plays, such as with his 4th-and-20 bomb to Tyrone Smith about a week ago.

It’s been a couple of years since Utah has had a leader on the depth chart this early in camp. The staff has given the OR with the QB depth chart in the fall often over the years. Now that Williams is basically (although not officially according to Coach Whitt) the starter, the battle for the backup will be interesting to watch. Many people believe that freshman Tyler Huntley is possibly the most skilled of the group, but no doubt the coaches will want to redshirt him. I would expect to see Cox named the backup, mostly in name, because they want to bulk up Huntley and get him seasoned. Cox would be serviceable in a pinch, but Huntley would be the preferred option.

Tuesday’s scrimmage will go a long ways to solidifying a lot of positions on the depth chart, and Williams could solidify that No. 1 spot. For Utah fans, it has to feel good to see things start to fall into place.

What are your thoughts on the QB battle up to now? Is Williams the right call?