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Utah Utes vs SUU Thunderbirds Open Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's a beautiful opening day at Rice-Eccles Stadium, as the Utes open up their 2016 season against SUU. This is the first matchup between the two schools, so there will be a lot of excited SUU players, from Utah, that's excited to play in this game.

For the Utes, it's all about learning who you are, specifically on offense.Utah will be breaking in Troy Williams and a crew of wide receivers. Tim Patrick is back, which will help, and there are some other unproven names that Utahfans will learn a little bit more about tonight. Fortunately, the Utes have a really good offensive line, and a returning running back with Joe Williams. When it comes to where you want to start building on offense, that's the places.

On defense, the Utes return a ton of studs, on both the d-line and the secondary, so Utah fans will learn a little more about the new linebackers tonight. The backers have some really big shoes to fill, with the loss of Gionni Paul and Jared Norris.

Ahhhh, it's good to be talking football again.

Join us as the game is happening, and chat about what's going on!

Go Utes!