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Utah-BYU Post Game Audio with the Utah Players

There was pandemonium on the field after Utah beat BYU 20-19 by stopping BYU quarterback on a two-point conversion try. Block U was able to catch up with a few Utah players on the field after the game and a few more for the post game press conference.

Linebacker Cody Barton

The sophomore linebacker said "Go Utes baby go Utes!" then ran off to go celebrate the win with his teammates.

Cornerback Justin Thomas

Cornerback Justin Thomas Thomas said, "Amazing win. That kind of win defines our team, and I thought we fought to the end. It was just an amazing win."

Offensive Tackle Jackson Barton

The sophomore tackle said, "It is a childhood dream of mine," to beat BYU. He said he was watching his younger brother on BYU's last drive and "knew we were going to stop them."

Kick Returner/Wide Receiver/Cornerback Terrell Burgess

On his first Holy War, Burgess said, "It was absolutely insane." On BYU's drive, his thought was "just stop them."

Safety Chase Hansen

Hansen knew the two-point conversion play was coming. He said "there were a lot of emotions flowing," during the game. Hansen said, "Somebody just make a play" on BYU's last drive. He was proud of the defense to hold BYU's offense to only 19 points.

Wide Receiver Tim Patrick

Patrick said that "I am so happy to come out with the W." He called his teammates "warriors." Patrick expected that BYU to "throw it up to Nick [Kurtz]." He called the decision to run instead "a bad decision."

Defensive End Pita Taumoepenu

Taumoepenu breaks down what he did on the final play of the game to help make the stop on Hill to prevent the two-point conversion. On never losing to BYU, "it's awesome man. It is probably the best present in the world."

Press Conference with Zack Moss, Troy Williams, Tim Patrick, Hunter Dimick, and Sunia Tauteoli

Moss started off talking about the win, calling it "a great team win." It was Moss's first game in a Utah uniform. He made his teammates laugh finishing most of his answers with "that's it." Williams said, "I was struggling. It was just one of those games." On the last play, Dimick said, "Honestly I was expecting a timeout and a PAT." He breaks down what he did on the two-point conversion try. Patrick said, "It's BYU, so everyone knew what was on the line," when asked if he had to rally his teammates. Tauteoli answered by far the most questions. On his pick six, he said, "It kind of reminded me of my running back days." He went on to say, "It was a moment I can't describe." Tauteoli also breaks down the two-point conversion play.