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Utah Football Defensive End Kylie Fitts to miss rest of regular season with injury

NCAA Football: Colorado at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

News item number two of the day, another big one (possibly much bigger) is that Kylie Fitts, Utah’s defensive end, is going to miss the rest of the regular season with a foot injury. This is an injury that Fitts had happen in the BYU game, and that he actually played on for a little bit. The injury will require surgery, Coach Whittingham said tonight at his coaches show.

Coach Whitt said that they’re going to petition for an extra year for Fitts, since he played only about a game and a quarter this season. Fitts also had to sit out some time after transfer from UCLA to Utah. Whittingham said that playing 1 out of 5 seasons for Fitts isn’t fair, but that this case for an extra season isn’t a slam dunk, like the previous cases (like Tim Patrick, Kenneth Scott, etc.).

As for depth, the defensive line is one spot where the team can absorb some injuries, although not much more. Utah has some young guys who can play, including Chris Hart (RS freshman from Florida) and true freshman Bradlee Anae.

It sucks to lose a talent like Fitts, but here’s to hoping he gets that extra year (come on NCAA!!!), and that he comes back healthy as ever.