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Utah Utes at San Jose State Open Thread

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Week three of the college football season is here, and we are about to start Pac-12 play in just a week. Before we can get into Pac-12 play, we have one last out of conference game left, and that's with San Jose State on the road. The Utes are looking to establish a new running backs corps, with the retirement of Joe Williams, as well as fill the hole that Kylie Fitts left behind. This will be a good game to test themselves, because it's on the road, and it will be with working in more of Zack Moss as the presumed primary running back.

The big game is next week, with USC coming to town next Friday, so the Utes have to do their best not to overlook the Spartans, who no doubt will have a ton of energy with a P5 opponent coming into their stadium. Here's to hoping Troy Williams and the offense really blows up, and ends this one early.