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Utah Football Unveils Uniform Combo for BYU game

Rivarly game uni Utah Athletics /

It’s rivalry week, meaning it’s a pretty simple formula of red vs. blue. Utah will be in all red for the rivalry game, and they’ll be in a similar uniform to the bowl game.

They’re in the red pants/jersey combo, with the satin red helmet, and a red face mask, but they’ll just have the normal drum and feather, opposed to the large chrome drum and feather in the bowl game.

This is a very clean look. The satin red helmet is one of my favorites, and when combined with the red face mask, it’s one of the best looking helmets in the nation. I think the only thing that would have made this combo better, are the throwback jerseys, which are seemly more popular among fans than the regular jerseys.

What are your thoughts on this combo, would you have liked to see anything different?