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Utes lay massive egg, drop to ASU 30-10

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to illustrate what happened at Rice-Eccles Stadium in GIF form as best I can.

Here I go:

and lastly,

It was just a poor effort all around. Very little fire and it was one of the most lethargic efforts I’ve seen in years from the Utes. It was on both sides of the ball too. Utah’s offense with Tyler Huntley back just couldn’t get anything going. I’m not even going to give the stats - they’re bad. The offense did show some life at times, but couldn’t maintain anything. Tyler looked like he hasn’t practiced in a couple of weeks, because he hasn’t, and that hurt him and the offensive unit as a whole. Passes were sailing on him quite a bit, and he missed two guys (Nacua and Carrington) for what have been long touchdowns. Carrington he didn’t see, Nacua he just missed the throw. The offense played too close to the line of scrimmage, too many screens and short passes. Nothing else needs said. Just bad.

On defense, they couldn’t get ASU off the field on 3rd down. ASU was 8 of 16, and just kept extending drives. The lack of Chase Hansen no doubt hurt, but they need to get the 3rd down thing figured out. Oh, those target calls? Those were awesome, right? I like the spirit of the rule, but it needs fixed. I also want to see some more exotic blitzes from Morgan Scalley. I haven’t noticed many corners or safeties coming downhill much over the last couple of weeks.

This performance was mind boggling after such a strong effort against USC. Fortunately, the Ducks are next week with likely their backup QB, so things should ease up a bit over the next couple of weeks. But if Utah comes out as flat as they did today, yesh.

Ok, FLAME AWAY (please be nice to each other)!