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Game Balls against Arizona State

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Giving out game balls this week in Utah’s 30-10 loss to Arizona State is tough, but someone has to do it. This week I’m going to just pick three players that stood out to me across the board. So here goes:

Kavika Luafatasaga:

Although Kavika Luafatasaga told reporters he was disappointed in how Utah performed, he was one of the Utes that put up decent numbers. Luafatasaga lead the team with 10 tackles and caught his first interception.

Mitch Wishnowsky:

Mitch Wishnowsky saw the field a lot more than usual — and this season, that means A LOT! With the offense continuing to struggle, consistently going three-and-out, Wishnowsky was on the field during almost every possession. He ended the game with 241 yards. His longest punting yard on Saturday afternoon was 55.

Matt Gay:

Matt Gay attempted one field goal (I still can’t believe I just wrote that — one field goal??!!). It was a 53 yarder, his second longest of the season.

I was tempted to give the last game ball to the fans who had to sit there and watch their team get destroyed. To all the Utah fans, just know that you guys are the real MVP’s.