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Utah unveils this week’s uni combo

Utah Football on Twitter

Maybe to help move past the dumpster fire of this last week’s performance, the unveiling of this week’s uni combo may bring some solace. It’s a familiar combo, especially given the opponent. The Utes are going with the whiteout look, which is all white everything, and the look the Utes rolled with during the blowout win up in Eugene two years ago.

This is one of the best looks for the Utes, in my opinion. I love the all white look, and with the addition of the oversize chrome drum and feather, it’s one of the best in the nation, I believe.

As they say, look good, play good. At least I hope that happens this week, because last week Utah look stellar and played like trash, but that does happen to teams on occasion. Here’s hoping this whiteout look helps ease any remaining pain in Tyler Huntley’s shoulder and helps him bounce back to the player we believe he is.