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Utah drops heartbreaker to Washington 33-30

Utah v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Utah played a really good game against Washington, especially considering how many starters were out or barely able to play. Shoot, they were in control of the game up a touchdown late in the game, with the ball and less than three minutes left to play. Tyler Huntley had put the team on his back, and moved the offense up and down the field, gashing Washington like few have this season, but the last couple of minutes will haunt the Utes for a while.

Utah was basically a 1st down away from sealing the game, but they couldn’t quite move the chains. Then when UW had the ball, they had them 4th and long on their own side of the field, and a wide out found some open space to move the chains and keep them alive. Then, of course, the timeout heard ‘round the world. Coach Whitt called a timeout when it appeared that UW was conceding a trip to OT. Then UW went to hit some big shots down the field and kicked the game winning FG.

It sucks that the last few minutes of the game will overshadow such a great effort by the Utes throughout. Huntley with 300 yards passing and a pair of touchdowns, and 1 on the ground. I think his performance alone should have fans excited for the future, as he continues to develop There was the brilliant onside kick call and recovery. A ballsy fake punt on 4th and 17 to keep a drive alive. A defense that was harassing Browning for most of the night. It’s a missed opportunity, simple as that, even as painful as it is. Similar to the USC loss, Stanford loss and WSU loss.

At the end of it all, Utah is now needing to beat Colorado to reach bowl eligibility. CU is also battling for that 6th win also. It will be interesting to see who can play for Utah next week, and how Utah responds to a loss like this.