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Grading out the loss to Washington

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Man, that game was one of the funnest to watch this year, and possibly the most painful. Being down as many starters as the Utes were, and you add in some of the starters that were barley able to play, like a Darren Carrington, it was as gutty as an effort as you’d want. Let’s grade it out...

Offense: B+

Over 400 yards of total offense, with almost 300 of which coming through the air, against arguably the best defense in the Pac-12 is impressive. UW doesn’t give up many yards, or allow teams to hit the 30 point mark, they’re very good on defense, and Tyler Huntley made them look pretty average for large chunks of that game. Carrington was playing injured and could barely move at times, but he still helped open things up for the other wide receivers. Huntley passed the ball to 10 different receivers, and Raelon Singleton had a great game, with 81 yards through the air and a pair of touchdowns. The run game wasn’t the best, but against UW, you take what you can get.

Defense: B

Utah gave up 75 yards on a single play, which would have been a pick if Julian Blackmon would have been 2 inches taller. Outside of that play, the Utes made Washington really earn everything they got. Holding Myles Gaskin to 52 yards was a heck of a feat, he’s a really good back, and others like him have torched the Utes this season. The Utes had a hard time turning over the Huskies, and with Browning that’s not too much of a surprise. They did get to him 3 times, so it was nice to keep him off balance. Scalley brought pressure from all over the field and kept UW off balance. If Utah could have just gotten off the field on that 4th down...

Special Teams: A

On side kicks, fake punts, and Matt Guy was 3 of 3 on his field goals. It was a vintage Utah special teams effort, which awesome to see. I don’t see how you can give them anything less than an A.

How would you grade out the team?