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Utah at BYU Open Thread

Utah’s down in Provo to take on BYU, and what could go wrong? I mean, the last couple of times these two played, a BYU player has swung at a Utah player. It will be interesting to see how the atmosphere of this game effects the play on the floor, and if cooler heads can prevail.

It was announced not that long ago that Utah freshman Donnie Tillman won’t play with some kind of foot injury. That’s a big blow for the Utes, as he’s been evolving into ones of Utah’s best players, and has shown an ability to get Utah out of a slump with his game around the paint.

For the Utes, it’s all about minimizing turnovers, rebounding the ball, and staying out of foul trouble. It will be a tough game for the Utes, and a good road test as we approach Pac-12 play.

Join us here as the game happens!

Go Utes!