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Utah at Oregon Open Thread

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern State at Utah Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go, the long conference stretch to March, and we’ll learn what time of post season fate may await the Utes. It all kicks off at Oregon against a rebuilding Ducks team, who have had Utah’s number the last few years, especially in Eugene. Oregon lost most of their Final Four team, but have plenty of talent and athleticism to make a run in the league.

For the Utes, who is going to play, how healthy are they, and will they be able to contribute on the road? David Collette is the biggest question mark right now, because he’s been the main engine behind how Utah does. When he’s been off, Utah has struggled. If he can get healthy and have a big conference season, Utah may find themselves in a spot to get into the NCAA Tournament.

It all kicks off tonight, so join us as the game happens over on FS1.

Go Utes!