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Utah at Oregon State Open Thread

Can Utah get the Oregon sweep? That question will be answered in just a few short hours, as the Utes square off against the Oregon State Beavers. The Utes are riding high after getting their first win in Eugene since 1951, and going 2-0 in the conference standing, with those 2 wins coming on the road, will be one hell of a start to the conference season.

Usually, when you go on the road in the conference, a road split is considered successful, so the Utes have to be happy with that, but they can’t be satisfied. Oregon State has been a thorn in Utah’s side, especially in Corvallis, for years. It’s a tough place to play and get the win.

The Utes need to have David Collette be aggressive, but be smart, and also need the guard line to be smart. That’s the key to a road win, strong guard play. If they can do that they’ll be in a good spot to win the game.

Here we go, let’s get that 2nd win on the road!

Go Utes!