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Utah at Butler open thread

A big test for the Utes, as they hit the road to take on the Butler Bulldogs, a team that got the better of Utah a season ago at the Huntsman Center. This will be a big test for the Utes to see where they stand. Their last test, against UNLV, didn’t go very well, as they lost by almost 30 points, and just looked all out of sorts. This will be the most hostile environment Utah will have played in thus far this season.

Utah will have to be patient in a game like this, so they can’t just continue to jack up three point shots, especially if they aren’t dropping. Also, controlling tempo and getting rebounds on defense will be crucial. In a game on the road against a good team, things can snowball quickly, similar to what we saw against UNLV. Justin Bibbins has to play well, keep the team under control, and David Collette has to be potent in the middle. If he can be efficient in the paint, that will keep Utah in the game. It will also be crucial for him to stay out of foul trouble.

Let’s see if Utah can get this big road win...

Go Utes!