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Washington Huskies at Utah Utes Open Thread

The Utes are back on the court 48 hours after a less than stellar finish against Washington State on Thursday. After 14 more turnovers against the Cougars, the Utes have to figure out the turnover issue, or the end of the season could be messy. Fortunately, Washington is sitting their best player this afternoon, so the Utes should have a pretty easy path to victory, IF they take care of the ball.

The Utes need better play from their guards, especially Devon Daniels and JoJo Zamora, who has been battling some illness, per Coach K. Collette and Kuzma are almost locks for around 15 or so points a piece, but the guards need to be more consistent to help open up the floor. It'd be nice to see Sedrick Barefield get some confidence back and to really torch someone, like he did his opening game.

Enjoy the game, and Go Utes!