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Bolles and Williams ranked highly by

NCAA Football: Washington at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports's Daniel Jeremiah is giving some love to two former Utes before the upcoming NFL Draft. Jeremiah ranks the top 50 prospects for the upcoming Draft, and he has Garrett Bolles sitting at No. 25, which is down four spots from his previous ranking. On Bolles he says,

“Bolles started for only one year at offensive tackle for the Utes. He has good size and length for the position. In pass protection, he is quick out of his stance and bends naturally. He has a sharp, tight punch and a firm anchor. He does get caught oversetting at times, which produces some inside pressure on the quarterback. He has good football awareness considering his limited experience. In the run game, he has knock-off power and shows some nastiness to finish to and through the whistle. He does get overextended at times, but I love his tenacity. Overall, Bolles has some things to clean up but he has starting left tackle ability.”

I’d say nastiness is a bit of an understatement, as he put dudes on their backs a ton last season. I’d be surprised if Bolles isn’t taken in the 1st round.

The other Utes is Marcus Williams, whom he has at No. 47. For Marcus he says,

“Williams has a tall, lean build for the position. This is a true centerfield safety. He has excellent instincts, range and ball skills. He has a quick, fluid pedal, and he's very adept at reading the quarterback and ranging toward the football. He has very good ball skills. He isn't as effective in the run game, with inconsistent angles of pursuit, and he's not a great tackler in space. Overall, Williams is a ball-hawking safety who will make plays in the passing game, but he needs to improve in run support.”

I think his observation of Marcus is spot on. He missed some tackles in college, but he shut down chunks of the field. I think we’ll probably see Marcus taken in the 2nd round, but no later than the 3rd. It’ll be interesting to see how many Utes are taken this year, because as many as six or seven could find homes throughout the draft.

To see his full list, and who he has above Bolles and Williams, click here.