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Garett Bolles signs 4 year contract with Broncos

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first drafted offensive lineman from this past NFL Draft has signed on the dotted line with the Denver Broncos, per many sources around the internet. Former Ute, and Bronco first round pick, Garett Bolles has signed reportedly to an $11 million contract across 4 years, with a $6 million signing bonus. That former Ute got paid! Of course, Bolles pretty much knew what he was going to get paid the moment he was drafted, as the NFL instituted a slotted pay rookie scale in the previous CBA, since rookie salaries were getting out of control.

Bolles is expected to compete for the starting spot at tackle from day one, which is the reason why he was drafted so high. This does put a lot of pressure on Bolles big shoulders, but he has the ability to be a Pro Bowl type of player for the Broncos, and should be paving the way for Devontae Booker for many years to come.

To my knowledge, Bolles joins Joe Williams (with the 49ers) and Brian Allen (with the Steelers) to sign their rookie deals.