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New Utes Football Uniforms: Goodbye Mountains, Hello Utah Stripe

The Utah football team typically unveils new uniforms every three years. In 2014, Utah switched jerseys with a mountain decision on the sleeves, and it was revealed today that those uniforms would be replaced with new ones that emphasize the Utah stripe. Utah hinted at the return of the Utah stripe last season with the change to the stripe on the white helmet in the season opener against Southern Utah. There will be red, black, and white combinations available. In the promo picture, it appears the players are wearing the satin red, white (with different stripe), and handpainted black helmets with the new jerseys and pants, which both feature the Utah stripe.

Below is the complete press release from the University of Utah Athletics Department:

SALT LAKE CITY—A 2017 Utah football uniform reveal will take over the school's football social media accounts today. The new uniforms, which afford multiple color combinations in red, white and black, have brought back into circulation the 'Utah stripe' as their main design element.

Designed and produced in the USA by Utah athletics apparel and performance footwear partner Under Armour, the 'Utah stripe' is displayed on the jersey sleeve and pant legs—the latter in an angle that symbolizes the slope of the neighboring Wasatch Mountain range. The font for the numbers on the jerseys mimics that of Utah's iconic Block U.

Replica jerseys are available on a pre-order basis from the Utah Red Zone—the official online store of Utah athletics.

"For Utah athletics, Under Armour has previously utilized a mountain-themed design inspired by the Wasatch mountains," said Adam Clement, Senior Design Director, Apparel - Team Sports at Under Armour. "As we worked to redefine the 'Utah' aesthetic, we wanted to find a design element that felt timeless, versatile, athletic, but most importantly specific to the university. As often is the case, history afforded us our best lesson, and a quick look back confirmed the university already had a dynamic stripe, one that is known by name (the Utah stripe) within the athletic industry. Our efforts therefore were centered around bringing that stripe back into circulation to represent all of Utah athletics, but within each sport finding ways to put a twist on the expected through use of color, angle, and placement."