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What’s the next D1 sport that Utah should add?

Utah just added lacrosse to the number of D1 sports offered at the University. Lacrosse isn’t super popular on the west coast, but it’s growing in high school in the west. Now that it has been added, what do you think should be the next sport added? I believe it should be men’ track, as long as all the Title IX requirements are met of course.

I think adding men’s track to go along with women’s would be a big bonus for the school, especially the football program. Pac-12 powers, like Oregon and USC have track and their guys usually participate in both sports, and in the case of some, may make the Olympics.

Utah has landed some serious speedsters on their football program, and I’ve seen on multiple occasions on Twitter some of those players saying how they wish they had track they could participate in. This could help open up the recruiting pool just a little bit. Now, I doubt having a track program will help land a ton of recruits, but it could be a nice card to have in Coach Whitt’s back pocket if someone may be on the fence.

Not to mention, it could help keep players in shape after spring football ends. Track just ended a week or so ago, and if Utah could keep their players engaged, and occupied, until summer conditioning, I don’t see much of a downside to having track. Sure, injury is a concern, but these guys are out playing pickup basketball and other things anyway, so I’d rather have them in a structured, competitive environment.

I also think Utah could make some noise with track, especially with some of the speed Utah has had over the years. Guys like Kaelin Clay, Conroy Black, Eric Rowe, and new guys like TJ Green, Kyle Fulks and others would place well in NCAA meets. Now, lacrosse had a big time donor step up to help get it going, and Utah’s club hockey team is very good, so track would be down the road a ways, but it’s the next men’s sport I’d like to see. How about you?