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Reports: Darren Carrington is Coming to Utah

NCAA Football: Oregon at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Per Michelle Bodkin of, former Oregon wide receiver is coming to Utah. Bodkin has been the primary source for Carrington news. The player that stuck the dagger into Utah’s Pac-12 South championship hopes may help lead them there this year.

Carrington was kicked off the Oregon football team by new head coach Willy Taggert after getting a DUII on July 1. He is a senior who already graduated from Oregon and is eligible to play this fall. Utah is a place where many players with checkered pasts have come to and thrived under the leadership of head coach Kyle Whittingham and the family atmosphere of the Utah football team. Bringing in Carrington is not uncharacteristic for Whittingham, and moves like it in the past have paid off in big ways for both the Utah football team and the players they brought in.

Carrington was Oregon’s best wide receiver. He could make the tough catches (as Utah fans all too painfully know). He can go up and get the football, he can run by defenders in the open field, and he can take the top off a defense. He could provide an instant boost to the Utah offense that has to replace a lot of production from last season.

In addition to Carrington, Utah also added JUCO transfer Josh Nurse. I felt good about Utah’s wide receivers heading into fall camp even without Carrington and Nurse. They flashed a lot of potential last season, and wide receiver coach Guy Holliday has an impressive track record for developing talent. With these additions, Utah gets two players that are both big that can make contested catches and bust big plays. They have added quality and depth to an underrated yet talented group of wide receivers. Fall camp starts Friday July 28, which will be the first time either player participates in practice at Utah.