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Looking at the wide receivers for Utah going into fall camp

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When they entered the Pac-12, the Utes were really lacking in the receiving corps. Sure, they’d have a guy or two, but they didn’t have a group of guys that you’d have confidence in. Going into season seven, I think the coaching staff has done a good job building up some depth at this position. Here are some names to look out for going into fall camp and the season.

Raelon Singleton

Singleton is going to come into the season as the most seasoned veteran of the group, and he’s missed a lot of time due to injury. Singleton showed some of his potential last season, especially in games like against ASU. He’s big and fast, and a perfect wide out for the Pac-12. I expect him to be one of the most productive guys in this new offense.

Demari Simpkins

One of the Florida youngsters that had a nice freshman season, and was one of the regulars in the two deep. He’s not the biggest guy, but he’s reliable and makes some tough catches over the middle. I really like Simpkins, and I think he’s a matchup nightmare for linebackers, when he’ll be lining up in the slot most of the time.

Kyle Fulks

A burner that Utah can use out of the slot or on the outside. Fulks could have been a big play threat last year, but he wasn’t very consistent when it came to catching the ball. He got open behind people quite often, but couldn’t finish the play. He did have a nice return against Colordao that was just yards short of a touchdown.

Siaosi Wilson

Wilson is one of the most exciting players coming back. Coaches have been high on him since he joined the team, and he showed why in flashes last year. He’s similar to Simpkins, he’s big, fast and has good hands. Watch his touchdown catch against ASU, when it was a perfect hands catch while having to turn is body to make the play. He’s also physical, just watch his crack back block against Indiana in the Bowl Game to free up Simpkins. This kid is a potential start, and I can’t wait to see how he’s improved this off season.

Kenric Young

A burner that hasn’t seen much time on the field, but he could see some time this season. If he can put it together, he’s got deep ball potential just based off of his speed.

Tyquez Hampton

A freshman that was committed to Wazzu for a long time, before switching to Utah and enrolled in December. He doesn’t look like a freshman, body wise. He has good speed and nice size, especially for a true freshman. I would not be surprised to see him crack the two deep before the season starts, the kid is oozing talent.

Troy McCormick

The former running back is electric in the open field, and very hard to bring down. His health has been a constant concern since he’s missed long stretches for various injuries. Hopefully, moving him to wide out helps him stay on the field, and to match him up against backers and big safeties to make big plays. He can take it all the way on any given snap.

Alec Dana

Dana is another speedster, but he hasn’t seen the field due to injury issues. He’s one to keep an eye on in fall camp. If he’s healthy, I think he can be a threat.

Here are some more names I think could make some kind of contribution this upcoming season, either on offense or special teams.

Jaylen Dixon

Jameson Field

Samson Nacua

Derrick Vickers

The next step for this group is consistency. This offense is more pass happy, and these guys will get plenty of opportunities to make plays. I’m a big fan of the route structures we’ve seen from this offense thus far, and how creative it is to get these guys open. I’m excited for this group.

Here’s how I see the two deep, thus far:


I think that could change quite a bit, except for the top three names, I see those three as staples.

What do you think about this wide receiver corps?