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Armand Shyne to miss an extended period of time with injury

NCAA Football: Arizona at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

One of Utah’s returning running backs, Armand Shyne will miss an extended period of time, per coach Kyle Whittingham. Whitt did say that is injury is unrelated to the one he suffered last year, and he did say it’s not season ending. The question with an injury, especially if it’s a bad one, which this one sounds like, is if it lingers and keeps Shyne out for an even longer period, maybe even the season. That’s complete speculation on my part, because I have no idea what the injury is, but I always worry about something lingering longer than it should.

This now makes Zack Moss the starter, which he was pushing for anyway, and I believe that’s a role he can carry. Moss is super talented, and showed some of that talent last year, but was hobbled with an injury for the second half of the season. Moss is quick and hard to bring down, and was very impressive for stretches last year, when Joe Williams was away from the team. Devont’e Henry-Cole moves up to No. 2 on the depth chart, and is a good compliment to Moss. Losing Shyne may hurt some of the two back sets that Troy Taylor has talked about, just due to depth taking a hit.

Losing a weapon like Shyne is a blow, fortunately Utah has some depth to withstand the hit, but they can’t lose Moss. If another back goes down, then they’ll be in a similar position as they were last year, when they were down to their 5th string back.