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Utah Football Uniform Against North Dakota

UtesEquipment Twitter

The uniform Utah will don to kickoff the 2017 season against North Dakota was revealed yesterday. They will wear red-red-white with the traditional red helmet, the new red jersey, and the new white pants.

This will be the first opportunity to catch the new uniforms live. I am excited to see how the new jersey and pants look in live game action.

I like this look. It is a classic uniform combination for the Utes (they have worn it seven times since joining the Pac-12 prior to this season) that they have not worn since hosting Fresno State in 2014. They have not worn the original red helmet since playing at Fresno State in 2015. While I like the satin red helmet better, I am glad to see them wear the original red helmet at least once this season after not wearing it at all last season. I like to see the emphasis on red as well after Utah did not wear it as much last season.

These are the helmets Utah uses in practice, and they are getting prepped now for game action tomorrow.