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Utah at BYU is the Most Popular Game to Bet On

BYU v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

The game tonight between Utah Utes and BYU Cougars will have a lot of implications on the field, but off the field, it is the game with the most money riding on it via sports bets.

As we reported late last week, BYU opened the game favored. The line has now shifted to Utah being favored by 3.0 points. This is not surprising the line has moved to Utah considering 97% of the money bet on this game has gone on Utah.

This means that there is more money being bet on Utah than any other team in the country this weekend. If Utah wins and covers, it would be quite expensive for the casinos. I am not surprised people are betting on Utah, but it is surprising that it is getting more money bet on the point spread. This game has been close in recent years with Utah only winning by one point last year. It seems though that 97% of people who bet on this game feel that the Utes will be able to win their seventh game in a row over BYU and win it by more than a field goal.