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Utah at BYU Open Thread

NCAA Football: North Dakota at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Another edition of the Holy War is going down in Provo. The Utes are favored, and have all the momentum this season, and in the rivalry. After six straight wins, the Utes feel as confident as ever against BYU. BYU is reeling after a very poor showing against Portland State, and a demoralizing loss versus LSU. BYU never crossed the 50 in the loss to the Tigers, and were never a threat. LSU was beyond basic on offense, and moved the ball at will against BYU, although, BYU toughened up in the red zone.

Utah’s starting QB, Huntley, will be getting a good road test tonight, and Darren Carrington will have an opportunity to introduce himself to the folks in Provo. I’m not sure who can guard Carrington, so that’ll be interesting to watch.

Here we go folks, it’s the quest for 7 straight, and join us here as it goes down.