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AD Chris Hill Statement

University of Utah Athletics Director Chris Hill has issued a statement following a conversation that apparently got “heated” after the men’s basketball game against Arizona State Sunday night.

I was not at the game, and I don’t know who Hill got into this confrontation with, but here is the statement sent out to media Thursday afternoon:

“I have had a few days to reflect on a heated conversation I had with an individual following our men’s basketball game against Arizona State on Sunday. While my emotions were high and I thought our meeting was private, there is no excuse for the inappropriate language I used. I have apologized to the person involved, who is someone I have known for years and greatly respect. I also regret any discomfort to others as a result of my cursing. As the leader of this department, I expect more of myself and I am sincerely sorry.”

I’m not going to say I agree with Hill’s actions, but I am glad he took the high road and took the time to apologize and issue a statement.