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Utah at UCLA Open Thread

Will Utah bounce back after a disappointing week against the Arizona schools? We’ll find out tonight as they take on UCLA. The Utes will be without Donnie Tillman and Jayce Johnson tonight, as Tillman continues to battle his ongoing injury and Johnson has an illness. Will the short handed Utes be able to rally? They’ll have the do it on the shoulders of David Collette, Sedric Barefield, Justin Bibbins and Tyler Rawson, all have been playing well the last couple of weeks.

One big thing for the Utes tonight is will they be able to rebound? They got smoked on the boards a week ago, and gave up way too many 2nd chance points to Arizona and ASU. They would play good defense, but couldn’t close out a possession. It’s hard to win when you allow the other team to get 8 or 10 more shots than you. And on the road, it’s extra important.

Join us here as the game happens and

Go Utes!