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Washington State at Utah Open Thread

This is a game Utah should win, with a struggling Washington State coming into the Huntsman Center. My thoughts on this Utah team is that they are an average team, meaning they’ll probably end up around .500 when the season ends, so this is a game they should win, which should get them to .500 in conference play. They do need to show up to take of business, however, WSU can easily come in and get the W.

Donnie Tillman has been inserted into the starting lineup, as has Parker Van Dyke, which I hope gets Sedric Barefield more comfortable. Tillman has needed to be a starter most of the year, because he is a game changer for the Utes. He pretty much put Washington away the other night with some of his rebounding and play making.

If you aren’t watching the NFC Championship Game or at the Hunstman Center, you can hang out here and share your thoughts!