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Utah at Arizona State Open Thread

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Can Utah get revenge on the Sun Devils tonight? That’s the biggest question of all going into this matchup in Tempe between Utah and Arizona State. The Utes have won the last couple of times down at ASU, but this season’s two step down in Arizona will be one of the tougher road trips for Utah, as they begin a three game road swing.

The Utes are as close to full strength as they’ve been most of the season, and will have Donnie Tillman tonight, who they didn’t have in the previous game. He’s not starting tonight, which I’m not sure why, instead Gabe Bealer is starting. Maybe they’re hoping for a big punch off the bench and like the matchup there. It is crucial for the Utes to get a split on the trip, and this is the game that they are most likely to get.

Hopefully they get it, and let’s Go Utes!