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Utes ranked No. 15 in first College Football Playoff Poll of 2018

NCAA Football: Utah at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

After a season of not making an appearance in the College Football Playoff top 25, the Utes made a nice debut in the 2018 version. After four straight strong games, the Utes are No. 15 in the first CFP poll of the season, according to the selection committee. The Utes are just one of two Pac-12 teams in the poll, with Washington State coming in at No. 8, a very nice opening spot for them. They would need some help, but they do have an outside shot of making the Playoff. The same could be said for the Utes, but much more chaos would have to happen for that to fall into place. For Wazzu, unless Washington jumps back into the poll, which they could, Utah could be the only remaining ranked opponent they face, and that would be in a possible Pac-12 Championship Game. The case is the same for the Utes, especially with Oregon fall flat against Arizona this past weekend.

It’s an uphill climb for the Pac-12, but they do have a punchers chance to get in.

Here’s the full poll:

1. Alabama (8-0)
2. Clemson (8-0)
3. LSU (7-1)
4. Notre Dame (8-0)
5. Michigan (7-1)
6. Georgia (7-1)
7. Oklahoma (7-1)
8. Washington State (7-1)
9. Kentucky (7-1)
10. Ohio State (7-1)
11. Florida (6-2)
12. UCF (7-0)
13. West Virginia (6-1)
14. Penn State (6-2)
15. Utah (6-2)
16. Iowa (6-2)
17. Texas (6-2)
18. Mississippi State (5-3)
19. Syracuse (6-2)
20. Texas A&M (5-3)
21. NC State (5-2)
22. Boston College (6-2)
23. Fresno State (7-1)
24. Iowa State (4-3)
25. Virginia (6-2)