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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll Week 6

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We are on the verge of another wacky Pac-12 Saturday, and things are no where near clear as we near the midpoint of the season, and that shows in our rankings this week. I think we all put Washington, Stanford and Oregon at the top three spots by default, because I think the rest of the league is a mess. I’m pretty shaky on Stanford and Oregon at this point now too.

From spots 4 on, there’s not a lot of consensus among us. I’m not yet sold on Colorado, because they haven't beaten anybody, but a couple of us have them at 4. I think Wazzu is a dark horse in the North, and Cal looks tough. In the South, who knows what’s going to happen. USC is up and down, Utah can’t get out of their own way, Arizona State is still a question mark as is CU, and Arizona and UCLA look bad. It’s as murky as I can recall the South being, and we’ll learn a little more this week.

Check out our full Power Poll here:

Pac-12 Power Poll Week 6

Rank Shane Brittany AJ Hunter Overall
Rank Shane Brittany AJ Hunter Overall
1 Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington
2 Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
3 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
4 Washington State Colorado Colorado USC Washington State
5 ASU Washington State USC ASU USC
6 USC ASU Washington State Washington State Colorado
7 Cal USC Cal Cal ASU
8 Colorado Cal ASU Colorado Cal
9 Utah Utah Utah Utah Utah
10 Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona
11 Oregon State UCLA Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State