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Utah at Stanford Open Thread

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, the question of the night is can Utah get off the map and get their first win in the Pac-12? If so, they’re do it against a Bryce Loss-less Stanford on the road. It was announced late on Saturday that Love would miss the game after injurying his ankle against Notre Dame a week ago. That’s a big loss for Stanford, even though they’ve been a bit more pass driven this year, as everyone has been keying on Love and the Stanford running game early this season.

For the Utes, can they get more production out of the offense? They had a strong first half last week, and a strong first drive of the second half, but then it came to a halt. It’d be great if the defense could set up some short fields, or score some points themselve to help get things jump started.

It’s a #Pac12AfterDark matchup between Stanford and Utah, and the Utes can jump start the rest of their season tonight.

Join us here and chat about the game.