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Utah Athletics Unveils Plans for Expanded Rice-Eccles Stadium

Utah Athletics on Twitter

And there it is, the master plan for the newly expanded Rice-Eccles Stadium, which is to be completed in 2021, before the start of the football season. The stadium is expanding from its 46,000+ seating capacity to 51,444, closing in the south end zone, effectively completing the rebuild of the old Rice Stadium. To go along with the new capacity, the stadium will also receive:

  • premium seating that includes: luxury suites, loge boxes, club, ledge and rooftop seating
  • new locker rooms, which are sorely needed
  • training, equipment, media and other athletics focused rooms

The good news for the tax payer is that they won’t be footing the bill. It will all be paid back by the school, which they estimate will take about 14 years.

Honestly, outside of closing off the stadium, which will help increase noise within Rice-Eccles, the biggest news would be the new locker rooms. The current ones are embarrassing to say the least, and do not represent a Pac-12 program the right way. Not to mention, having a media area for post game is a big deal too, so the coaches and players of both teams can have somewhere to meet with the media.

As for current south end zone season ticket holders, they’ll have priority for the new seats that will open up there.

They will check off really the finally “need” after joining the Pac-12, football facility wise (at least that I can think of). I can’t wait to see what this will look like when complete, and what it will add to the gamely atmosphere.