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Utah Student-Athletes Graduating at Highest Rate Ever

Utah student-athletes are students first, and that was illustrated today with the release of the latest NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR). 95% of University of Utah student-athletes graduated within six years of enrolling, a record for the school. This mark increased five percent over last year and was second in the Pac-12.

”We are delighted at the results of the latest GSR report,” said Utah Athletics Director Mark Harlan. “Our number one priority is to graduate our student-athletes and they are doing that in record numbers while also succeeding athletically, a testament to their commitment and dedication to both. I also want to thank our coaches and academic staff for caring so profoundly about our student-athletes.”

According to the Federal Graduation Rate (FGR), Utah’s student-athletes are graduating at a higher rate than the overall general student population at the school (68%-61%) over a four-year period. You might notice that there is a rather large difference in graduation rate in those two numbers. Well, there is a reason for the difference: the NCAA GSR adjustments for church missions and transfers, while the FGR does not.

Utah had the best (or tied for the best) GSR in the Pac-12 in 10 sports (baseball, football, men’s basketball, golf, gymnastics, men’s and women’s skiing, men’s and women’s tennis and volleyball). Eight of those sports at Utah achieved a perfect (100%) GSR score: men’s basketball, golf, gymnastics, volleyball, men’s and women’s skiing, and men’s and women’s tennis. For the eighth-straight year, gymnastics and both tennis teams received perfect scores. It has now been four-straight years now for golf and volleyball to achieve perfect graduation success rates. Twelve Utah teams: baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, cross country/track, football, golf, gymnastics, men’s and women’s skiing, men’s and women’s tennis and volleyball either met or exceeded the overall Division I GSR for their sport.

Athletes have so much extra on their plate outside of the classroom. It really is impressive to see how dedicated U student-athletes are. As a graduate of the University of Utah, it makes me proud to see the focus on education. Congrats Utes on getting it done in the classroom!