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Utah at Colorado Open Thread

NCAA Football: Oregon at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s the 9th game of the Pac-12 season for the Utes, and with a win they put themselves in a position to win the Pac-12 South, while they’re cheer for Oregon like crazy later in the day. The Utes are in Boulder to take on the Buffs, who are still fighting for bowl eligibility after starting the season 5-0. This is week two of the Jason Shelley and Armand Shyne show, and they need to carry over the play they had last week against Oregon into this week’s game at Colorado. With that said, if the offensive line does their job, like last week, then Utah’s offense will be just fine. It may be a color, snowy game in Boulder, so the run game will become paramount if that’s the case — especially ball security.

The Utes need to do what they did last year against Montez, get into the backfield and make him uncomfortable. Watching CU this year, that’s been an issue for them all season. They do need to be mindful of his scrambling ability, though, because he’ll pick up big chunks of yards on the ground. If I’m Coach Scalley, I also put Jaylon Johnson on Laviska Shenault Jr. and make sure he doesn’t beat you. Pressuring Montez will make good things happen for the Utes.

The Utes need to come out with their hair on fire, and play with the passion they had last week, and need to avoid another ASU effort. If they come out and play like they can, they’ll win. If they come in flat, they’ll lose. I think it’s pretty straight forward.

Well, I’m glad I’m not in Boulder for this game, so join us here and...