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Utah ranked No. 17 in latest College Football Playoff Poll

The Utes continue their ascent up the rankings with the latest College Football Playoff top 25 putting them at No. 17, up two spots from last week. I was hoping the Utes were jump a little bit more with some of the losses ahead of them, namely WVU, but the Utes will continue to have chances to climb. Utah does fall right behind No. 16 Washington is this week’s ranking, as both teams were top spots lower a week ago.

Where the Pac-12 is getting screwed is with Wazzu. They should be ahead of LSU and OU, without a doubt in my mind. The Pac-12 just has this perception about it that is becoming increasingly frustrating. Obviously, the conference is going to have to have a big bowl season to begin to turn that back around. The next couple of weeks is when chaos could ensue around the country, and it’ll be interesting to see where the Pac-12 could shake out at the end of it. I think both UW and Utah are better than at least Texas and Kentucky, possibly Penn State and Florida, but the bias is problematic.

For the Utes, the only concern right now is win that game on Nov. 30th, and the reward will be Roses.

Here’s the full rankings from this week.