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Utah unveils uni combo for BYU game

It’s BYU week, so it’s red vs blue, that means Utah is going to a pretty traditional look for the game this weekend. It’s red on red for the Utes, but the look that jumps out to me the most is the helmet. It’s the satin red helmet, but it’s with a traditional white drum and feather, plus the Utah stripe with white instead of the silver we’ve seen most of the season. Also, the face mask is the traditional white. I don’t think we’ve seen the red helmet with the white face mask since the opener last season.

The question is what will the Cougs be wearing? The Utah State blue or the BYU blue? I think it does look pretty cool when both teams wear their home uniforms in this game, just like how USC and UCLA do it, it just looks right.

Here’s the full uniform combo, let us know what you think.