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Utah at Arizona State Open Thread

NCAA Football: Utah at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This is a huge game for the Utes. If they get the win, they have a strangle hold on the Pac-12 South, and depending on what happens around the conference, may move closer to clinching the division. They travel to Arizona State to try and get the job done, which is a stadium that has been hard for the Utes to win at. They did go in there two years ago and walk away with an easy win, but no matter the season, ASU scares me.

For the Utes, they just need to do what they’ve been doing, and I have a feeling that Tyler Huntley will need to have an effort similar to what he had against USC. The Devils are going to try to take away Moss, so Huntley has to make them pay. The defense also has to attack Manny Wilkins, which they did very well a couple seasons ago. If they can put the game in his hands, and harass him all game long, it will go well for the Utes.

Join us here as we watch this big Pac-12 South matchup, and hopefully see the Utes take care of business.