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Maine vs Utah Basketball Open Thread

NCAA Basketball: NIT Final-Penn State vs Utah Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hearts are breaking with the football team, as well as bones and who knows what else, but basketball season is here. The Utes are bringing in a young, athletic team that should hopefully be something that can be built upon over the next couple of seasons. This was one of the highest rated classes that we’ve seen at Utah in a long time, and you partner them with a few vets, like Barefield, Van Dyke and Johnson, and it could be an entertaining season. The Utes were picked in the bottom half of the Pac-12 by the media this year, but that happened last season and they finished with a bye in the Pac-12 tournament a season ago.

I expect to see a more athletic and up and down team, but we’ll learn a little bit more about that tonight. If you want to drown your sorrows with potential news on Zack Moss, then join us as we watch the basketball team officially kick off the season.

Go Utes!