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Top Utah QB Target 4-star Jayden Daniels commits to ASU

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Utes missed out on their top target on their recruiting board today when 4-star quarterback Jayden Daniels committed to Arizona State. Daniels is the 3rd 4-star rated QB that the Sun Devils have committed for the 2019 class, which means something has got to give.

Regardless, it is disappointing news for the Utes, who were viewed as the front runner for Daniels’ services for a significant period of time. Reports are that the Devils really made their push in the last few weeks, and with the prospect of an outgoing QB, I’m sure that was a big selling point. The Utes still have Tyler Huntley for one more season, and Jason Shelley has shown that he has a nice upside as well, and is just a redshirt freshman. With that said, Daniels may have been the heir to Huntley’s job when he leaves. Daniels is listed as one of the top dual threat QBs in the nation, and was the the last top rated QB to commit.

What’s next for the Utes? Well, it’s tough to say right now, as they have been putting their eggs in the Daniels basket, and now with him picking ASU, and Tuttle moving on, there are some depth questions for the Utes. Obviously, there is still until February, and potentially beyond, for the Utes to get a young QB. It will really hurt if the Utes basically go two classes without a QB, and I imagine there are still some dominoes to fall (did I mention ASU has three QBs committed). Also, with the new redshirt rule it will be interesting if there is a “free agent” QB out there that Utah has their eyes on.

This will be an interesting story to follow, but it at least looks like the Utes are pretty well set at No. 1 and No. 2 at the QB spot, we just need to nail down the future.