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Utah Football Signs 3-star Safety Aaron Lowe

A Morgan Scalley recruited safety out of Texas? Sign me up right now, the dude probably has all the makings of a great player for Utah. The Utes picked up Aaron Lowe out of West Mesquite High School in Texas, a three star rated safety.

Lowe’s offer list isn’t impressive, but if Scalley sniffed him out, I have no concerns about his ability to be a safety. In fact, I’m surprised maybe other schools didn’t jump on him after he was offered. Lowe has been a 100% Utah commit since he committed to the school, and has been a big advocate of the program on Twitter, appearing to be the recruiter among the recruits this season.

In his film he does have a nose for the football, and never gives up on the play. There are multiple cuts of a running back breaking contain and getting outside, and Lowe is chasing him down from the opposite side of the field. He’s a hitter too, which is what you always want to see from a safety, especially in Utah’s defense.

I’m excited to see what this kid has to bring to the fold.