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Utah unveils uniform combo for Holiday Bowl

@Utah_Football on Twitter

The Utes are been great all season with their uniform combinations, and they’re giving a great combo for Christmas. The Utes unveiled their Holiday Bowl gear on Sunday, and since Utah is the designated “home team,” they’ll go with a home look while in San Diego. It’s a favorite look, with the white lids, red jerseys and white pants. The helmets have the red face mask with the Utah stripe down the center. A look Utah went with back in the 2014 Vegas Bowl against Colorado State.

Of course, that huge Holiday Bowl patch really jumps out... I mean, couldn’t it be a notch or two smaller?

Unfortunately, this is the final jersey combo until August, so what was your favorite combo(s) from this past season? We saw some new looks, including the hand painted red-tailed hawk helmets, the Ute Proud helmet, and all the various red, black, and white looks as well.