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Northwestern vs Utah Holiday Bowl Open Game Thread

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Conference Championship-Utah vs Washington Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a month since the Utes lost the heartbreaker in the Pac-12 Championship game in Santa Clara, and the Utes find themselves back in California for the Holiday Bowl against Northwestern. It’s a battle between two division champs, and both who wanted to go to the Rose Bowl (albeit Utah probably was closer to that reality than NU).

For the Utes, there are some outstanding questions that will be answered when this game starts. First, who will be starting at QB? We should be really close to Tyler Huntley being cleared, and Coach Whitt said he may be a game time decision for tomorrow’s game. He’s been practicing, and Coach Whitt keeps teasing him a little bit, but he also keeps giving him an out with a bunch of “maybes” and “we’ll sees”. I’m thinking we’ll see Jason Shelley again, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Huntley run out on the field.

Also, what’s the status on Chase Hansen? Coach Whitt has been saying it depends on Chase, but I have a hunch we won’t see him. I think you combine any injuries he’s battling with his potential NFL future, I think Chase sits this one out. I totally get why he would, but it’d bum me out to not see him in a Utah uniform one last time.

Northwestern is going to be a tough team, similar to Utah. They’re going to want to grind it out, but I think Utah is the better team. The question is, how will they look after the time off, and can they get out to a fast start, unlike the last handful of games they have played?

It’s bowl time, so let’s chat about the game and get ready to ring in the New Year!

Go Utes!