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Utah at Washington State Open Thread

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Utah has to get in and out of Pullman without getting stuck in a trap game. Utah needs to be greedy and go get that road sweep, and not settle for that split. If they can take care of business and get the sweep, they’ll be in a nice position to finish the season. For the Utes, it needs to be a simple game plan.

First, they can’t allow Wazzu to get rolling from beyond the arc. Utah is the better team, but the three point shot can be the ultimate equalizer. Utah also has to take care of the ball and rebound, giving WSU extra possessions will kill the Utes. Also, as always, Utah’s backcourt needs to play well. Justin Bibbins keeps the Utes on the rails, and Sedrick Barefield or Parker Van Dyke can break an opponent’s back. The Utes need to get more production from the bench too, after only having three points against Washington the other night.

Let’s see if Utah can get this W.

Go Utes!