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Utah drops to Colorado on the road

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Colorado Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Utah’s seven game winning streak over Colorado came to an end Friday night in Boulder, where Utah played terrrrrrrible basketball. Ok, the first 10 or so minutes was ok, with some good ball movement and cutting on offense, and the defense was pretty solid, but from that point on, not a lot of good happened. Utah missed a ton of easy shots, they played a bit too much hero ball, and started to rely too much on the three, which wasn’t even an option that should have been considered when they were shooting as poorly as they were.

It’s not like Colorado was playing great either, yeah, they got hot in the second half from beyond the arc, but if Utah would have been able to string together some coherent offensive possessions they could have made a run at the Buffs. Frankly, CU was pretty average and Utah was bad tonight. Justin Bibbins continues his struggles, but was one of the few players to really attack consistently tonight. I’m not sure if David Collette even was at the game, and everybody else was just not good tonight. I mean, not a single player for Utah scored in double figures, with Collette being the leader with 8 points. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that before... I didn’t know it was possible. Shooting 35% from the floor, like Utah did, makes it hard to win many games. It was ugly on offense, and hopefully Utah can find some offensive flow going into next week’s games at home against the Bay Area schools.

Nothing else to say about this performance, it was bad.