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UC Davis at Utah NIT 1st Round Open Thread

It’s time for some post season hoops! The Utes are at the Huntsman Center for at least one bonus home game against UC Davis in the opening round of the NIT. While it’s not the NCAA tournament, it’s nice for this group to play together again, and to help move the program forward into the seasons to come.

For the Utes, it’s simple, don’t over look UC Davis, and do what you’re good at. That means play together, no hero ball, take care of the ball, rebound and execute the offense. If the Utes take care of the basics tonight, they should win. UC Davis knows how to win, and they’re coming in here to beat a P5 opponent, that’s a big deal to a program like this. As long as Justin Bibbins and David Collette lead this team, I think they’ll move on to the next round.

Here’s hoping the fellas can expect the season even longer!

Go Utes!